Congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun begins!

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest occasions in your life. A lot of planning and energy goes into creating a wedding day that will be remembered for many years to come.

Your photo investment will be natural, full of joy and taken in some of the most beautiful areas in the DMV. We want our couples to be confident with us, so you can concentrate on enjoying your special day.  Leave it to us and we will make sure that every magical moment is captured, creating wedding images you can look at and cherish for a long time to come.

We've personally sourced out the finest quality photo archival papers, canvas and art mount prints, photo albums and photo books.  Workmanship on all of our products for our customers is of the highest quality, we want these gorgeous memories to be around for years to come!

We offer no-obligation consultations, so we can find out more about you and ensure that we all understand exactly what you need for your big day (and tailor a package to suit if need be!) We are happy to help plan your timeline, explain any technical lingo for you, suggest locations for the photography and share some tips on how we can work together to ensure you have the best wedding photos ever!

Please call or email us with your wedding date (if you have decided) and location and we'll send you some more information and pricing. If we are still available, we'd love to meet you!

As a guide the busiest months are from March to May, then September to November, especially on Saturdays.


Up to 12 Hrs Coverage (9:30am-9:30PM)
USB Drive of All Photos
Pre Wedding Consultation
Venue Site Visit 1-2 weeks prior (Conditions Apply)
Web Gallery


Up to 12 Hrs Coverage (9:30am-9:30PM)
USB Drive of All Photos
Pre Wedding Consultation
Venue Site Visit 1-2 weeks prior (Conditions Apply)
Web Gallery

40 Page Queensberry 10x7 Q Album


Up to 12 Hrs Coverage (9:30am-9:30PM)
USB Drive of All Photos
Pre Wedding Consultation
Venue Site Visit 1-2 weeks prior (Conditions Apply)
Web Gallery
30 Page Queensberry 10x14 Flushmount Album with Buckram Cover
30 Page Queensberry 5x7 Flushmount Album with Buckram Cover (Copy of main album in smaller size, ideally as parent album)


Extended Full Day Coverage (9:30am-Midnight)
USB Drive of All Photos
Pre Wedding Consultation
Venue Site Visit 1-2 weeks prior (Conditions Apply)
Web Gallery
45 Page Queensberry 10x14 Flushmount Album with Genuine Leather Cover
2 x 45 Page Queensberry 8x10 Flushmount Album with Genuine Leather Cover (Copy of main album in smaller size, ideally as parent album)

Payment Plans

We appreciate the cost of preparing a wedding and are pleased to offer payment plans to suit your budget over time.

Most couples who come to me to book their wedding, often will look at vendors around a year prior to their big day.  If you were to look at a payment plan 12 months prior, this is how it could look, based on the Crystal Package.

Package Cost - $2000

Retainer - $600 (Paid at time of booking)

Weekly Payments - $26.93 (Based on 52 payments)


What time do you start and what time do you finish?

Our packages include part and all day wedding photography coverage. The exact start and end times do vary from couple to couple. With Weddings we like to photograph the groom & groomsmen, bride and bridesmaids, the ceremony followed by the congratulations, group photo and family photos, nearby outdoor photo session with Bridal Party and the reception including the first dance, cake cutting. We can really capture the whole day and it just tells the best story of the wedding day.

The timing generally works like this:

Grooms / Groomsmen – 45 mins to 60 mins

Bride/Bridesmaids – 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes

Ceremony – 30 minutes to 45 minutes

Congratulations, Group Photo and Family Photos – roughly 30 -45 minutes

Photography Locations – Depending on the reception location and requirements this can be anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

This coverage is some of the most important parts of the day, these are photos most couples will end up hanging on their walls and as such it’s important for us to schedule this in carefully to your wedding day.

Reception – Generally about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, basically up until the first dance.


We don’t like posing, so what will you do?

Most people don't like posing! Except for the posed family and group photos, I like to photograph the day as it happens, typically blending with everyone else, capturing moments as they happen, I am an expert in anticipating great moments and laughter and as you'll see from my blogs, that's what I aim to deliver.  I'll give you gentle direction during the bridal party photographs to ensure you you're all looking your best but at the same time it's often one of the most fun times of the wedding day!

I can certainly take fun, quirky photos to suit your personalities and these are often the photo's you'll find are some of your favourites.

It’s our first Wedding.  We’re not sure how much photography time is usual for Weddings in regards to posing for photos and we’re really not wishing our whole day to be all about photos?

While we capture your whole days beautiful event, we aren’t intrusive.   What we mean by that is while there are times during the day, such as family photography and bride/groom & Wedding party photographs where we’ll be taking photographs of you, some posed some natural, the remainder of your day is captured “in the moment” so you’re both free to enjoy your Wedding without having to think about being in front of a camera!

If we decide on having you build us a Wedding Album, can we choose which photos we would like in it?

Absolutely. While many couples choose to let us take control of the album design and photo selection for their album, we welcome your input for favourite photos prior to designing your Wedding album as we want you to love your album as much as we do seeing the final result!

How long does it take you to have our Album/Photobook ready?

On average around 6 weeks, however the time can vary depending on how busy our Album/Photobook makers are.

We’re not getting married in the DMV. Are you available for travel?

Yes.  Even though we are  DMV wedding photographers,  we can definitely travel for an additional fee.  

What do you think about us seeing each other prior to the Wedding?

While it doesn’t always fit in which a conventional wedding day and may not suit everybody, we do absolutely recommend it! When you see each other prior to the ceremony we can set up a “first look” where we can capture some emotional, expressive and romantic moments. Additionally, as you’re seeing each other before the ceremony it’s a good opportunity to get the family and bridal pictures done and then you can spend time enjoying your cocktail hour with friends & family instead of the big rush to get all the pictures into the small period of time between the ceremony and reception.

Does a USB of images come in our package? If so, what resolution do you include for printing?

Our packages include a USB of high & low resolution images in colour and a selection in black and white.

You are able to select further images for black and white conversion after your images have been provided to you on USB for no additional cost.  All digital images are able to be printed by you at your leisure, however we do recommend printing at recommended providers which we’re happy to provide the names of.

Any Watermarks on our images?

Not a chance!

What if we book your base “Crystal” package and we decide that we'd like to upgrade to a different package.

No issue. You can adjust your package to an alternate, even after the wedding, just ask!

Are your packages able to customised?

We understand that our packages may not exactly suit your requirements, so let us know what plans you have for your day and we can quote you accordingly.

Do you usually do engagement sessions prior to the wedding?

You bet!  It’s a great opportunity to get to know us and vice versa! It also gets you more comfortable with working with me and taking some lovely photos before your wedding day!  As you’ll be in casual clothes too it gives your whole image collection more of a timeline.